What Is Maca Used For?

Maca is used for fertility and weight loss. Buy maca powder and root!

What Is Maca Used For?

What is maca used forOne of the more interesting trends in the “green movement” is the interest in alternative treatment for various medical conditions. New herbal remedies are appearing every day. One of the more exciting herbal food supplements on the market is maca root. There have been a lot of claims made for maca root products but just what is maca used for?

What is Maca Root?

Maca root is a tuber, actually a member of the radish or turnip family, which is grown in the Andes Mountains of Peru. It has been used for hundreds of years by the Indians for both food and medicinal purposes. Maca cultivated in Peru is completely organic. The plant naturally resists crop pests. Farmers use manure for a fertilizer as it is freely available. It is truly an organic food

Maca root comes in a variety of colors. This is not just a natural variation. Each color maca root is a different genetic variety with slightly different properties. There are three main varieties that are being grown as an export crop. A cream colored root is grown for size and flavor. The dark colored maca roots, blue and black are grown for their medical properties. Red maca root has been clinically shown to be effective in treating swollen prostate.

The raw root is generally dried and then ground up for flour. It is the flour, or root powder, on which all other maca root products are based.

Uses for Maca Root

Here is a general listing of the various uses that maca root is used for.

Maca Is Used For Mood Enhancement And Increased Energy

There is no doubt that maca root does increase natural energy. In fact, high dosages of the root will actually cause hyperactivity. Maca is ideal for athletes and those doing hard physical work. It’s chemical properties are very similar to those of anabolic steroids. Many herbal practitioners see at as a natural treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome.

There are number conditions similar to chronic fatigue that seem to respond to treatment with maca root. Maca root is a natural anti-depressant. It works by both increasing the natural energy and helping to regulate hormone production in the body. The downside is that maca will interfere with many prescription anti-depressants.

Maca Is Used For Swollen Prostate

Saw grass has been used for years to treat swollen prostate. There are now a number of saw grass formulas that include maca root. Maca roots effect on balancing hormones works with the saw grass to enhance circulation which is vital when the prostate is swollen congested.

Maca Is Used For Treatment For Menopause

Indian women in Peru have used Maca root for years to treat the symptoms of menopause. Maca root does not replace hormones lost to menopause. Research has shown that maca acts on the hypothalamus-pituitary gland. It triggers those glands to produce more of a woman’s own natural hormones. This will reduce the symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, virginal dryness and difficulty in sleeping.

Boosting the Immune System. The various compounds in maca root appear to be useful to the immune system. It is what’s known as an adaptogen which has a positive effect on physical defense functions. This is because maca works on the endocrine system which regulates metabolism. This helps to strengthen the body from diseases.

Maca Is Used For Pain Reliever

The immune boosting properties of maca also make it effective as a pain reliever. Patients are advised to drink hot tea made with small amounts of maca powder to relieve general pain. The problem with this use is that if you use a larger amount; then, maca’s well known property for boosting energy will negate it’s sedative effect.

Maca is used as a source of natural fiber.

Pure maca root powder is a tasty alternative to many fiber products on the market today. It has a nutty, butterscotch flavor.

Other uses. There have been some animal studies demonstrating that maca root may have an effect on other conditions. There has been some evidence that maca root products can have an effect on prostate enlargement, diabetes and high blood pressure. An initial study showed promise that maca root could also treat osteoarthritis. Unfortunately, that study was flawed and the evidence too weak to draw a definite conclusion.

Some of the other claims for using maca root are totally untested. It has been advertised as a cure for leukemia, AIDS, cancer and alcoholism. There is no research, as yet, showing that maca root has any effect on these conditions. The “evidence” so far is strictly based on individual reports. Hopefully, more research in these areas will be done in the near future.

Maca Root Products That You Can Use

Maca root comes in a variety of forms for human consumption (check where to buy maca). There are three common products which can be easily found.

Maca root powder. This is basically organic flour made from ground and dried maca root. The powder can be mixed with water the same as any fiber supplement. . Maca root powder can also be used for cooking. It can be mixed with porridge type breakfast cereals, added to cookie batter; and sprinkled into smoothies and milk shakes.

Maca root capsules or tablets. Tablets and capsules contain organic maca powder. They come in a variety of sizes from 240 mg up to huge 800 mg. The generally recommended maca root dosage is about 1500 to 3000 mg per day.

Maca root extracts. When you talk about extracts you are getting away from a true organic food supplement. Extracts are generally made from a simple chemical process. Generally the process involves boiling the raw material in water or methanol. The process can often induce chemical changes in the raw material. If nothing else the extraction process will remove the fiber and concentrate the active ingredients. This means that you have to be a lot more careful of your dosage when using a maca extract. Gelatinized maca root tablets containing gelatinized maca root are similar to extracts. You should treat them the same way when calculating dosages.


Maca root powder and it’s associated products, are a wonderful additional to the alternative pharmacopeia. Used wisely these products can improve your health and your quality of life.