Maca Powder Side Effects

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Maca Powder Side Effects

Maca Powder Side EffectsFinding an effective treatment for andropause has become a major topic for men these days. The sale of male enhancements in the United States has become a multi-million dollar a year business. Many of these items are scams and some are downright dangerous. One treatment that has shown promise is using maca root as a food supplement. The first question that comes up is about safety. Are there any dangers in using maca root? Maca root is an organic food supplement. Indians and cattle in Peru have been using it safely for centuries. The natural products industry is promoting Maca as the “Superfood of the Andes.” The most common use of maca root is as flour. This is used in baking both as the base and as a flavoring. The flour can also be mixed with milk to form porridge. Indians have been known to ferment it to make a weak beer. Today, maca comes in a variety of different forms. Producers are making organic maca commercially available as powders, tablets or capsules. One manufacturer is even producing a freeze-dried juice. Does this make a difference? The answer is no. It doesn’t matter whether you use powder, gelatin, or capsule as long as they are an organic form of maca. Extracts of maca root are a different story. Making an extract means that you are removing the fiber and leaving only the active ingredients suspended or dissolved in a liquid base. This means that the concentration of active ingredients will be much stronger. Another problem is that the extraction process can add other chemicals to the mix. Worse yet, the extraction process can cause chemical changes in the original material. Be very careful of non-organic forms of maca.

Reports of Maca Powder Side Effects

There have been a number of reports of the dangers of maca use. One woman reported that, “I suffered from depression, anxiety, headaches, insomnia and had a really bad acne breakout. I learnt that this PMT, emotional state and massive breakout were actually due to the amount of maca root powder that I was taking.” Another user wrote on the Internet that, “my acne has started to clear up, but I felt a heap of stress and I couldn’t sleep at night.” The reports from numerous users over time are consistent about the dangers of maca. Formal studies have tended to confirm these reports. Here is a general listing of the dangers of maca and some of the reasons they occur. The first problem is dosage. Yes, you can get too much of a good thing. Americans have a bad habit of thinking if one egg in the mix is good; then two might make it ever better. This is not a good idea with any medication, even an organic food supplement such as maca. There is a danger in maca if you take too much of it. The generally recommended dosage of an organic maca root product is about 1500 to 3000 mg per day. There is no such thing as “concentrated maca.” That’s like saying “concentrated rice.” All these products are different ways to process the root itself. Once again, remember the game changes when you are dealing with an extract. An extract is a concentrate. It is no longer truly “organic”. There are some other recommendations if you are using maca as an aphrodisiac. A 3000 mg dose of black maca is supposed to be more effective than a 1500 mg one. The dosage to treat erectile dysfunction goes up to 2400 mg per day. Two of the most common reported symptoms of maca overdose are an increased heart rate and insomnia. Other users have reported heartburn, hot flashes and headaches as a danger of using maca. There have also been reports of diarrhea as the result of taking too much maca. This doesn’t mean the product is unsafe. You can get the same effect from eating too many sugared prunes. You have to think about what any drug, organic, over the counter, or prescription is supposed to do. Maca is known to be an energy booster. Your heart will beat faster and it will keep you up late at night. So will too much coffee just before bedtime. A good idea for a new user is to start with a low dosage and increase it over time. You want to evaluate the effects it has on you. Think about when you started drinking alcohol. Did you try drinking a fifth of whisky the first time? What happened? Are you a bit more cautious when drinking hard liquor now? The same applies to using any food supplement.

Physical Maca Powder Side Effects

Many users have told horror stories of gas and diarrhea after using maca. Remember that maca root is fibrous. This helps to speed up your digestion. This results in diarrhea and can even lead to dehydration. There is a risk of allergic reaction to using maca root. These reactions ran range from simple skin rash to hives. Whether this is caused by the root or sensitivity in the user is unknown. If you experience this type reaction then stop using maca and consult with your physician. Another danger of maca products is the effect of the high levels of iodine found in maca root. People who already suffer from high levels of iodine in their blood can have medical complications from maca. These complications include kidney failure and insulin-related problems. There is also research that links maca to goiter in patients with high iodine levels.

Mental Maca Root Side Effects

There are dangers of maca use in it’s effect on your mental state. The methanol extract of maca contains a molecule which affects the central nervous system. Hyperactivity is very common and can be linked to high dosage levels. There is also a risk of mood swings caused by using maca. Exhilaration when taking a dose can be followed by depression as it wears off. This is the same pattern seen in abuse of prescription drugs. A few physicians are sounding a cautionary note about potential dependence on the root. Health experts suggest stopping maca’s use for a few weeks every couple of months just to be sure.

Drug Interactions With Maca Root

The real danger of maca use is in potential interactions with other drugs you may be taking. This applies whether you are taking prescription drugs, over-the-counter or herbal supplements. For example: Using maca (a mood enhancer) at the same time you take St. John’s Wort (a natural depressant) can cause you short-term mental problems. Maca root does not mix well with some prescription drugs. It has been well established that you don’t want to use maca if you are taking medications for a thyroid problem. The minerals in maca root can prevent absorption of those medications. If you have medical problems then, the rule for using maca is the same as for anything else. Have a long talk with your physician before you start using it. Find out if maca root will make your condition worse; or, if it will interact with medications you are already taking. This way you can protect yourself from maca powder side effects (also check maca benefits)!