Maca for Menopause

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Maca for Menopause Treatment

Maca For MenopauseThere’s been a lot written lately about the benefits of using maca root. In this article we will talk  Much of the literature has focused on the root’s benefits for men. Maca root is also very beneficial for women. It is especially helpful for women enduring menopause. Maca is a safe, organic alternative to medical therapies that may have serious side effects.

Maca root is a major treatment for women in that it reduces the hormone imbalances experienced during this difficult time. It supports the adrenal glands and balances the endocrine system. Maca will help you maintain your emotional equilibrium.

Menopause Symptoms

Before using maca for menopause treatment, you need to know the menopause symptoms. There are three phases to menopause, pre-menopause, menopause and post-menopause. The range of symtoms varies with the individual and menopausal stage that they are experiencing.

Symptoms of menopause will actually begin in the pre-menopause stage. Pre-menopause is the transitional stage when the body starts to make the shift. It can start as early as the mid thirties. It generally begins in the mid-forties. A woman’s periods will start to become irregular and other symptoms of menopause will start to appear. These can include hot flashes, tenderness in the breasts, vaginal dryness, even problems with sleeping. PMS can also become much more of a problem at this stage of life.

The process of menopause has officially begun when a woman goes through 12 consecutive months without a period. At this point the symptoms will become much more pronounced.  Hot flashes will increase and women will experience night sweats.


The post-menopausal stage is marked by accelerated ageing of the body and atrophy of the reproduction system. Women can still experience vaginal bleeding due to continued hormone imbalances. Many women suffer from dryness and itching in the vaginal area. Post menopausal women can experience problems with bladder infections and what’s known as stress incontinence. These symptoms generally last only two to three months. However, it is at this point in life that many women start to experience osteoporosis. This is a lifelong problem and treatments should begin fairly early.

Menopause Treatment

The medical profession has been seriously treating menopause for over 50 years (but without maca for menopause). Some of their methods have been quite successful. Women have been self-treating themselves with herbal remedies for menopause for a lot longer, including maca for menopause. There have been problems with both approaches to menopause treatment. Many modern medical treatments carry the risk of serious side effects. Alternative medicine has not offered a wide range of natural or healthy alternatives.

Menopause Medical Treatment

Hormone therapy was one of the more common, and effective, routes taken by medical doctors treating menopause. A combination of estrogens and progesterones are prescribed to replace hormones no longer being produced by the body. Long term studies have been identifying some serious problems with this approach. Women receiving hormone therapy have been shown to have an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and breast cancer. Estrogen therapy has been linked uterine cancer. Many medical professionals have either discontinued hormone therapy or are monitoring their patients much closer when using it.
Birth control pills are another form of hormone therapy. They are generally prescribed for women during the perimenopausal stage. These are given to regulate periods and relieve hot flashes. The risks of using oral contraceptives are well known.
A number of health professionals are trying the application of hormones directly to the vagina. This is done with devices such as estrogen rings or hormonal creams. Local treatment is being tried either by itself or combined with oral medications. The same warnings apply.

The list of non-hormone treatments is neither extensive nor encouraging. Initial treatments generally consist of providing lubricants for use during intercourse. Many of these lubricants are very good and a vast improvement over the Vaseline your grandmother used. Doctors are also recommending long soaks in the bathtub after intercourse. This is suggested as a way to relieve the burning and vaginal pain caused by intercourse.

Physicians are trying the use of other drugs such as Clonidine and Bellergal. Clonidine is an anti-hypertensive medication used to treat hot flashes. Side effects of Clonidine include fatigue. Bellergal is a mixture of drugs that include barbiturate compounds. Its use can cause addiction. Beta blockers like Sotalol have been tried to treat hot flashes along with Inderal, Aldomet, and Veralipride. The FDA has not given it’s seal of approval for using any of these drugs for the treatment of menopause symptoms.

The FDA has just approved collagen implants for the use of stress urinary incontinence. Collagen is injected into the area around the urethra. This is supposed to counteract pressure on the urethra caused by laughing, coughing or sneezing.

As if the forgoing hasn’t been frightening enough are you ready for Function Electrical Stimulation? This treatment is used to “significantly reduce incontinence” in post menopausal women. An electrical probe is inserted into the vagina to shock the vaginal wall and pelvic muscles. The idea is that this will strengthen the muscles and reduce incontinence.
There is a much safer and easier way to treat your symptoms of menopause.

Maca Root For Menopause Treatment

The use of maca root products to treat the symptoms of menopause is gaining a lot of attention. The reason is very simple. It is an alternative treatment that really works. Women in Peru have used maca root to treat menopause for years.

In the treatment with maca for menopause, maca root does not replace hormones. It is used to balance hormones. Research has shown that maca acts on the hypothalamus-pituitary gland.

Maca Menopause Symptoms and Benefits

Maca for menopause, triggers those glands to produce more of your own natural hormones. This will reduce the symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, virginal dryness and difficulty in sleeping.
Maca roots more well-known effects also help with other problems caused by menopause. Maca root is known to create more natural energy due to it’s effects on the endocrine system. This can result in a better emotional state. Don’t forget maca’s aphrodisiac effects either. This will help with the problem of low libido caused by menopause.

Something to remember about Maca root products is that dosage recommendations are still being developed, check maca powder dosage for more information. The amounts you use have to be adjusted for the type of product you buy and personal physical characteristics such as body weight. A maca overdose is not fatal but it can be very unpleasant – check maca powder side effects for more information about this. The best advice is to start with a quarter of the recommended dosage and increase it every two weeks. The generally recommended dosage of maca root is about 1500 to 3000 mg per day. You should start with about a quarter teaspoon and work up to a full teaspoon over a few weeks.

Why not try maca for menopause?

Modern medicine is a wonderful thing. The problem is that medical professionals often spend a lot of your money trying to reinvent the wheel. Some of their treatments work but have undesirable side effects. Other treatments are scary and some are dangerous. Before you decide to endure this type of medicine why don’t you try maca for menopause, a natural, organic method that has worked for hundreds of years?