How To Take Maca

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How To Take Maca

How To Take MacaThose who are considering using maca root for it’s medicinal properties naturally want to know how to take it. There are a number of ways to use maca. They depend on which form you use. You also have to be careful in calculating how much maca to use. It can cause complications with some existing medical conditions. While it is possible to overdose on maca it won’t kill you. However, the hyperactivity resulting from too much maca can be unpleasant.

How To Take Maca Root Products

Maca comes in three main forms: powder; capsules and tabs; and, extracts.

How To Take Maca Root Powder

This is basically organic flour made from ground and dried maca root. Most maca powder dosages are based on this standard. The powder can be mixed with water the same as any fiber supplement. Maca root powder can also be used for cooking. It can be mixed with porridge type breakfast cereals, added to cookie batter; and sprinkled into smoothies and milk shakes. Customers report that it gives a rich, malty taste to the food. The recommended maca powder dosage is one teaspoonful to eight ounces of liquid.

How To Take Maca Root Tablets

These are generally capsules containing ground maca root. They come in a variety of sizes from 240 mg up to huge 800 mg. The generally recommended maca root dosage is about 1500 to 3000 mg per day. Gelatinized maca root tablets are similar to extracts and should be treated the same way.

How To Take Maca Root Extracts

When you talk about extracts you are getting away from a true organic food supplement. Extracts are generally made from a simple chemical process. Generally the process involves boiling the raw material in water, alcohol, or other non-organic chemical. The process can often induce chemical changes in the raw material. If nothing else the extraction process will remove the fiber and concentrate the active ingredients. This means that you have to be a lot more careful of your dosage when using a maca extract.

Recommended Maca Dosages

A general recommendation for maca root extract dosage is no more than 1800 to 2250 mg. One Internet dealer, Herbal Extracts Plus, sells a maca root extract in 600 mg tablets. They recommend a dosage of two capsules, two to three times per day. Do the math. That means at least one company is recommending you take a daily dosage of concentrated extract well over the 3000 mg limit for maca powder! You might want to exercise a bit of caution when taking any kind of extract. Remember that extracts are a concentrated form of maca.

There are some other recommendations if you are using maca as an aphrodisiac. A 3000 mg dose of black maca is supposed to be more effective than a 1500 mg one. The dosage to treat erectile dysfunction goes up to 2400 mg per day.

Calculating How To Take Your Maca Dosage

When a physician calculates prescription medication usage he takes a number of factors into account. He will look at things like the known potency of the drug; your medical condition; and, your body weight. Most of the math will have been done for him during clinical trials. Clinical trials on maca root so far have been limited to identifying the potential uses of maca root. A few other trials have identified potential problems. There have been no good workups on dosage guidelines.
Caution is a good word to use when starting any herbal food supplement. It definitely applies to when you start using a maca root product. A very good piece of advice is to start with about a quarter of the recommended, or “guesstimated: dosage. You can increase the dosage every two weeks until you reach the desired effect. Don’t try to find out what’s the maximum dose you can handle. The hyperactivity alone will have you bouncing off the walls and irritating your family members.
When figuring your maca dosage you will have to “guesstimate” based on:

  • Type of root used to produce your selected product.
  • General dosage guidelines found here and supplied by the manufacturer.
  • The condition you are treating.
  • Any pre-existing medical condition or medications taken.
  • Your body weight.

Keep in mind that the above recommendations are for daily dosage. You should not take the maximum daily dosage all at one time. Maca is not a controlled release vitamin. It is an organic herb that the body will begin to digest as soon as it hits your stomach. Taking a massive dose in the morning and expecting it to last all day doesn’t work. What will happen is that you will experience hyperactivity and possibly start a pattern of mood swings. Your behavior will swing from manic to depressive as the drug wears off. Naturally you will want to take another huge does to regain your energy. This is a pattern that can lead to dependence if you are using maca to treat fatigue or depression.

It is better to spread your maca use out as two or three dosages per day. Make a habit of using maca at mealtime. This is a more natural way of ingesting maca as it follows the natural hunger cycle of the body. If you are using maca to treat impotence then taking it before you go to bed at night is a bad idea. The energy producing effect of maca will ensure that you don’t get any sleep.

Ingesting Maca

Capsules and pills are a very easy way to take maca root products. They are quick, convenient and the dosage size is already calculated for you. Judging from the mix of products on the market this is the most popular form of maca today.

Many people prefer using maca root powder as an ingredient in their daily cooking. Maca root powder is very easy to add to cookies, breakfast muffins, pancakes or porridge. The powder can also be used to make gravy instead of wheat flour. People who cook with maca say that it adds a nutty, almost butterscotch, taste to your recipes.

Whatever form you use maca root products in the point is to use it responsibility. Too many people think that if the FDA doesn’t regulate it then it must be safe. This is not true. The FDA didn’t regulate cigarettes or over the counter diet pills for years. Regulation usually doesn’t come until there have been complaints. Maca root is a safe, organic alternative treatment for many medical conditions. However, it can be misused and there are already some warnings about it’s misuse. This is how you take your maca!

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